Costco Pizza

Why is Costco Pizza So Popular? A Deep Dive into Its Taste and Value.

Costco offers a variety of goods, including food and technology. You need a specific membership to shop at Costco, a large retailer.

Reason Behind Why Costco Pizza is so Popular?

Additionally, there is a food court there where you can buy delicious cuisine, particularly pizza! Pizza from Costco will be hot and delicious.

Reason Behind Why Costco Pizza is so Popular?

Pizza at Costco is excellent! It tastes amazing for only $1.99. The sauce is evenly spread over the dough by a special robot. After that, toppings are added, and the dish is baked for only six minutes.

Pizzas are replaced with fresh ones if they aren’t sold within an hour. Every slice is wonderful because Costco puts a lot of effort into it!

How to Order Pizza from Costco Food Court?

Delicious Costco pizza is simple to find! You can do the following:

Order Pizza from Costco

Time: 5 minutes are required.

Determine Your Order: To order pizza for pickup, either visit the Costco food court or give them a call.

Choose Your Path: To find out what kind of pizza Costco offers, look at the menu. You can also call the store employee and inquire.

Order pizza online: Inform them of the pizza size and type you desire. Pizzas with cheese and pepperoni are available. Either a full pizza or a slice is available.

When to Place Your Order: Slices may be ready immediately, and an entire pizza takes about 15-20 minutes to prepare. It can take longer if the store is busy.

Grab a Pizza: You can order pizza before going shopping and pick it up afterward. Or you can order the pizza first, then go grocery shopping.

Enjoy Your Pizza: The pizza at Costco is amazing! It surpasses their chicken bake and hot dog.

Can you get Costco pizza online?

Although many things at Costco may be ordered online, you cannot order food from the Costco food court online. Pizza from Costco cannot be delivered from the food court either.

How much is pizza at Costco?

The cost of a Costco pizza typically ranges from $9.95 to $13.99, depending on the size and toppings you choose. It’s known for its great value and generous portions.

costco pizza price
Costco Pizza Pizza Cost per sliceCostco Whole Pizza
Costco Cheese Pizza$1.99$9.95
Costco Pepperoni Pizza$1.99$9.95

Other Costco Pizza Types & Prices

  • Kirkland Cheese Pizza: $11.89
  • Kirkland Pepperoni Pizza: $14.59
  • Tattooed Chef Bee Sting Pizza: $9.97
  • Motor City Pizza Co. Double Pepperoni Pizza: $9.99 sale (regularly $12.99)
  • Sabatasso’s Pizza Singles: $10.69
  • Kirkland Signature Supreme Cauliflower Crust Pizza: $11.99
  • Milton’s Cauliflower Pizza: $13.89
  • Bagel Bites Frozen Pizza Snacks: $10.79
  • Tuscan Kitchen Supreme Pizza: $14.69

How many slices are in a pizza from Costco?

The big pizza at Costco Food Court is 18 inches and has 6 slices. You can ask to cut the slices into smaller pieces for kids, even though they might say no if it’s busy.

How many Calories are in Costco Pizza?

A piece of Costco Cheese Pizza gives you 710 calories. If you have a slice of Costco Pepperoni Pizza instead, you’ll get 650 calories.

If you eat a whole cheese pizza, you’ll get 4,260 calories. But if you have a whole pepperoni pizza, you’ll have 3,880 calories.

Even larger pizzas than those from Domino’s Pizza are produced by them. At Costco, there are many pizza varieties. Look at all the pizzas they have there, for sure!

5 Top Costco Pizza Types

When you order pizza at Costco, you can choose from cheese, pepperoni, or a mix of both. The mixed pizza has both meat and vegetables on it.

1- Costco Cheese Pizza

Try Costco’s cheese pizza if you want a delicious meal that is quick and makes everyone happy! It’s not very pricey, and because it’s so cheesy and tasty, both children and adults adore it. It’s also excellent if you’re in a hurry and extremely hungry.

2- Costco Pepperoni Pizza

There are 60 delicious pepperoni slices on the pepperoni pizza at Costco’s food court. Costco’s pizza uses a tomato-based sauce and has a crispy crust, like the pizzas in New York. Guess what, too? The slices can even be folded!

3- Costco Frozen Pizza

The frozen food at Costco has a wide variety of pizzas. Regular pepperoni pizza, gluten-free pizza, and even mini pizzas are all available. These microwaveable pizzas are a delightful and quick snack.

4- Costco Take-And-Bake

There are more types of pizza at Costco than just cheese, pepperoni, and combos. They also have a special Take-and-Bake option. At the Costco Deli, you can buy pizzas with five types of cheese and pepperoni that you can cook at home. But remember, the kinds of pizza you can get might be different depending on where you live.

5- Costco Customized Pizza

You can visit Costco’s food court and buy a customized pizza with your preferred toppings if you have additional time. It will take them 10 to 15 minutes to prepare it for you.

FAQs Regarding Costco Pizza

Is a Costco membership required to buy pizza at Costco?

Yes. To buy food from the Costco Food Court, including the pizza, you must be a member of Costco.

Can I order whole pizzas ahead of time from the Costco Food Court?

Yes! You can order pizza at your Costco food court by calling ahead. When you get there, your pizza will be ready!

How long is Costco Pizza open?

At the Costco near me, the food places are open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays and 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekends. You can order Costco pizza until about 30 minutes before they close. Times may vary at different Costcos.

How big is a Costco pizza? 

The big Costco pizza pies from the food area are 18 inches across, which is about 45.7 centimeters. That’s a really big pizza!